Complaints Procedure

Academy Charter, Learner Complaints Procedure & Sub-Contracting Policy and Strategy 20/21

Academy Charter

At Athena Beauty Academy we are committed to providing education and training of the highest possible quality. Our Academy Charter tells you how we aim to do that and what you can expect.

If you are thinking of becoming a learner at Athena Beauty Academy, we will provide you with:

  • Free and accurate information through our prospectus and individual course/programme information leaflets;
  • Acknowledgement of all enquiries and applications within 7 working days;
  • A fair and thorough opportunity to join our programmes through our Admissions Policy;
  • Accurate information before you enrol on any fees and costs for each programme;
  • Information about sources of financial help, upon your request;

If you are a learner at Athena Beauty Academy, you can expect:

  • Support with your studies;
  • A learner handbook within 10 working days of starting your programme. This will provide you with the general information you need to know about the Academy;
  • A course handbook within 10 working days of starting your programme. This will provide you with the general information you need to know about the course;
  • A study programme which has been planned to ensure it meets your needs for personal development, employment and/or further studies;
  • Regular opportunities for assessment, reviews of your progress and recording of your achievements through a meeting with your personal tutor at least once every 8 weeks;
  • Agreed learning support and individual guidance at all stages of your programme;
  • The opportunity for all learners to develop their skills in English and Maths and receive guidance and support in the use of ICT;

Teaching that meets your needs and requirements;

  • High quality teaching;
  • No classes cancelled except in exceptional circumstances;

Facilities which are sufficient for your course and your personal needs;

  • Access to sufficient specialist facilities to help you do your course work;
  • Access to extracurricular activities;
  • Safety though the enforcement of health and safety regulations throughout all areas of the Academy;
  • Access to learner support and counselling facilities, educational guidance facilities and careers guidance facilities;

Equality of opportunity;

If you are an employer or a member of the local community you can expect:

  • Education and training which responds to your needs;
  • The opportunity to express your views about the Academy through regular contact and through an annual employers’ survey;
  • A list of key Academy contacts, upon request;
  • Acknowledgement of any enquires within a maximum of 5 working days;
  • Information on progress and attendance of any employees attending the Academy at least once a term;

Are we meeting our commitments?

If you feel that we have not met any of the commitments in the Charter, if you feel dissatisfied with some other aspects of the Academy or if you’d like to let us know that we are doing something well, we would like you to get in touch with us. We want to continually improve our services and need your help in doing so.

You can get in touch with us by the address below or by phoning us on 0121 769 0834.

Complaints Procedure

Athena Beauty Academy is committed to dealing with complaints seriously, promptly, confidentially and to the highest possible standard.


Athena Beauty Academy aims to provide a high quality service to learners but recognises that occasionally things do go wrong. The level of service that may be expected from the Academy is set out in the Academy Charter. In many cases problems or misunderstandings can be dealt with by discussion between staff and learners, but in other instances it may be appropriate to pursue the matter in a more formal way.

This procedure is intended as a guide to all learners, demonstrating the way complaints should be made and how they should be resolved in an effective way. Whatever the complaint, it should be dealt with promptly and fairly and in accordance with the Academy’s official policy and procedure. Learners thinking of making a complaint may wish to consult the Academy office for advice before doing so.

This Complaints Procedure is part of the Academy’s process of quality review and improvement. Complaints are considered as useful feedback rather than criticism and are always valued. If learners have any comments to make about this procedure please contact the Senior Administrator at the Academy office.

The Process

Step 1

Any learner with a complaint about any aspect of their course should in the first instance discuss the problem with the member of staff most directly concerned. If the learner is uncomfortable approaching this person, they can approach any other appropriate tutor. Most problems can easily be resolved in this manner.

Step 2

If, having discussed the manner with the relevant individual, the learner remains dissatisfied or if the complaint concerns a member of staff or is of a personal nature, the Senior Administrator at the Academy’s office should be contacted.

When making a complaint, it is helpful if as much information as possible is provided with a clear indication of the nature of the complaint. Any steps already taken to resolve the problem should also be described.

There are a number of ways to register a complaint, which are outlined below.

  • Letter

All letters of complaint should be sent to the Principal at the following address:

Athena Beauty Academy
167/169 Worlds End Lane, Quinton, Birmingham, B32 1JU

*Unfortunately the Academy cannot guarantee that a member of staff will always be available to receive phone calls. If contact cannot be made by telephone, it is advised that an alternative method is used.

Step 3

All learners’ complaints will be acknowledged by the office within 3 working days of receipt.

Step 4

On receipt of a complaint, depending on the seriousness of the complaint, the office will contact the most senior member of staff or Principal and an investigation will take place. The staff member investigating the complaint will contact the learner within a maximum of 10 working days. In cases where an investigation lasts for more than this time, the learner will be notified. However the learner may contact the office directly at any time.

Wherever possible the learner will be contacted by telephone with the results of the investigation into the complaint. If the learner is satisfied with the outcome, the complaint will be closed.

Step 5

If the learner is not satisfied with the outcome, they may request that the matter be reinvestigated. The complaint will be passed to the most senior member of staff and the learner will be invited to give more information.

All correspondence will be recorded by the office and reported to Academy staff on at least an annual basis. For reasons of confidentiality the names of all complainants will not be included in any report.

Step 6

If the learner is not satisfied with the internal complaints procedure and outcome, recourse can be made with the appropriate awarding body, who will determine the most appropriate course of action.

Rationale for Sub-Contracting

To agree a sub-contract one or more of the following conditions must be met:-

  • The sub-contractor can access learners that ATHENA BEAUTY ACADEMY would not be able to engage with
  • The sub-contractor has resources (premises, equipment, staff, skills etc.) that ATHENA BEAUTY ACADEMY cannot provide
  • Learners from sub-contracted provision could progress to learning programmes delivered by ATHENA BEAUTY ACADEMY or vice versa
  • The sub-contracted provision helps to grow ATHENA BEAUTY ACADEMY’s presence and market share in a key occupational area or within our geographical reach

ATHENA BEAUTY ACADEMY will not sub-contract

  • In to occupational sectors that we do not, or intend to, deliver into directly
  • Where quality standards do not meet our own expectations


ATHENA BEAUTY ACADEMY will require any Sub-Contractor to undertaken a full due diligence which will require evidence of suitability covering the following:-

  • Health and Safety
  • Quality of facilities
  • Previous performance
  • Staffing and qualifications
  • SAR / QIP reports and EV reports


  • Learner Attendance – expected to be 90% of all planned lessons
  • OTLA – all classes expected to be Grade 2 or above
  • Success Rates – above 80% in any programme


For more information please email